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El Reixac



Mas Reixac

17860 Sant Joan de Les Abadesses



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How to get there

By highway:

· » Optimal accessibility: - GPS: 42° 15' 2.5840'' ''N ·2° 19' 10.9800'' ''E

· » Via Michelin site: www.viamichelin.es

-- Route from Barcelona airport El Prat

-- Route from Girona airport Costa Brava

-- Route from the French frontier LePertús

By train:

· » Renfe contact number: 902 41 00 41

· » Renfe site: www.rodaliesdecatalunya.cat

By bus:

· » Teisa contact number: 972 747181

· » Teisa site: www.teisa-bus.com

-- Route on foot from the bus station Colónia Llaudet to El Reixac

By plane:

· » Barcelona and Girona airports




About us

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  • El Reixac Rural House
  • El Reixac Rural House
  • El Reixac Rural House
  • El Reixac Rural House
  • El Reixac Rural House

El Reixac is a rural tourism house located in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, a village in the Catalan Pyrenees. It is an ideal place to relax and go hiking and sightseeing.

Its decoration is one of its strongest points. Spain's main magazines on Interior Design have published a report dedicated to El Reixac. Carme, the hospitable and enjoyable owner, has transformed a historical, old house into a warm home. She cares a lot for the details and likes to grow flowers that she carefully dries during the winter in order to make bunches to decorate the house.

Ferran has restored and reproduced original, hundred-year-old borders of the house. In addition, he has also painted contemporary, floral-designed mural paintings with bright colours created with natural pigments. Ferran's works have brought a Provençale feel while keeping its ancient, Pyrenean character. (Imatges on walls)

Its warmth, its setting, the landscape and the possibility of sharing it all with your beloved ones, as well as its location (among Nuria Valley, Camprodon Valley and Garrotxa Natural Park) make El Reixac a unique place to stay.

Travelling represents something more than visiting new and beautiful places. Nowadays, people like to spend their holidays far from their everyday duties and to fill their spirits with emotions that get them closer to adventure, authenticity, tranquility, calm, health and nature, and that bring their past good times to present life. You can achieve that in El Reixac, 90 minutes far from Barcelona.

More about us in our blog 

Carme and Ferran




  • elreixac-serveis-wifi
    • Calefacció automatitzada i independitzada
    • Xemeneia en els allotjaments més grans i venda de llenya
    • Roba de llit i tovalloles
    • Cuines equipades amb els estris imprescindibles per cuinar
    • Plats, gots,coberts, etc.
    • Servei de recollida amb cotxe a l'estació de Ripoll i si cal a l'aeroport
    • Servei de wifi
    • Autoguia per a fer senderisme
    • Autoguia per a fer turisme en un radi de 40 quilometres des de el Reixac
    • Caiacs
    • Sala de jocs, de musica, de tv, i de cinema
    • AutoBar i Menjador
    • Barbacoes i venda de carbó vegetal
    • Zona de picnic
    • Espai infantil
    • Piscina
    • Rentaplats
    • Rentadora comunitària, estenedors i estris per planxar
    • Botiga-sensacions
    • Piano per els hostes
    • Aparcament cobert


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